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Langhorne Creek Wine Region

The Langhorne Creek Wine Region is located in the Fleurieu Zone south of Adelaide and extends north of Lake Alexandria for about 40 km north to the small iconic community of Langhorne Creek. It includes wineries surrounding the township of Strathalbyn, Willyaroo, Angus Plains, Belvidere and Langhorne Creek. The region lies on the fertile floodplain of the Bremer and Angus rivers that flow into Lake Alexandria, that also influences the climate in the area. Many vineyards use drip and sub-surface irrigation to supplement natural rainfall. The climate features low rainfall that mostly falls during winter, cooling breezes from the lake and moderate peak summer temperatures during the growing season because of the frequent sea breezes. The boutique wineries in the region are establishing a great international reputation for Langhorne Creek wines. Premium reds from Casa Freshci wines, fabulous Cabernet Sauvignon from Bremerton, and deep-bodied Shiraz from Lake Breeze and Brothers in Arms. Other wineries in the area include: Raydon Estate, Angas Plains, Cleggett, Oddfellows and the organic wine producer Temple Bruer. The major grape varieties include Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Verdelho, Sangiovese and Grenache. Weather Statistics: Heat degree days: 1520; Sunshine hours per day: 8.3; Annual rainfall: 410 mm; Growing season rainfall: 140 mm; Mean January temperature: 19.9°C; Harvest: Early March-late April. Grape growing in the Langhorne Creek Region dates from the 1850s when Frank Potts established Bleasdale, the region's only winery to stay in continuous production to the present day after five generations of the Potts family. The original Stonyfell Vineyard was established in 1890. Wolf Blass and Lindemans rejuvenated the region over the past ten years and several other major companies have established vineyards in the region. However the reputation of Langhorne Creek has mostly relied on the quality of the wines produced by the smaller boutique wineries.

The Langhorne Creek Wine Region includes 4 districts : Strathalbyn ; Belvidere ; Langhorne Creek South ; Langhorne Creek Central

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