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Lower Loddon Wine District, Bendigo

The Lower Loddon Wine district, which is located about 30 km North West of Bendigo, includes wineries near Bridgewater, Newbridge, Arnold and Lianelly. The Loddon River is a 400 km long Victorian tributary of the Murray River that drains areas in northern and central Victoria. The river rises near Trentham and flows generally north through Newstead and Guildford. There several reservoirs of the river including the Laanecoorie Reservoir and Cairn Curran Reservoir west of Bendigo. The Lower Loddon flows though Newbridge and Bridgewater. It then flows north to Kerang.and eventually drains into the Murray River near Swan Hill. There are weirs at Kerang and Bridgewater for town water supplies. The Bridgewater weir pool is used for a wide variety of watersports including canoeing, fishing, kayaking, waterskiing and sailing. The local wineries include: Old Loddon Wines and Water Wheel Vineyards, that are both near Bridgewater.

The Bendigo Wine Region includes nine districts : Kingower ; Lower Loddon ; North Bendigo ; Lower Campaspe ; Upper Campaspe ; Central Bendigpo ; Castlemaine ; Maldon ; Maryborough

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Water Wheel, VIC  Lyndhurst St, Bridgewater on Loddon Vic 3516
Water Wheel produces a range of high quality varietal table wines an the exciting Memsie range of blended wines. All wines are fruit drive and are made from grapes grown on their own low-yield vineyards at Bridgewater on Loddon. Water Wheel wines are recognised around the world for their inherent quality and exceptional value.