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Nangiloc Wine District

The Nangiloc Wine District is located in the Murray-Darling Wine Region and is centred on the towns of Nangiloc, Iraak and Colignan. The small rural community and tourist centre of Nangiloc is located in North Western Victoria on the southern bank of the Murray River, about 50 km south east of Mildura. The rich local soil and reliable watering via irrigation from the Murray River has allowed a diverse range crops to be grown, including fruit and grapes. The area has a growing reputation for its gourmet wines and fresh fruit. The area has also attracted many new niche agricultural crops and products, including avocado, almonds and pistachios. The Nangiloc district is also very popular as a camping destination, using the many bush reserves along the banks of the Murray river that feature the unique Mallee bushland and its subtle beauty, flora and fauna. The neighbouring town Colignan is similar in many respects and their names are spelt the same only backwards!

The Murray Wine Region includes four districts : Robinvale ; Mildura ; Nangiloc ; Red Cliffs

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Croftwood Vineyards, VIC  Kulkyne Way, Nangiloc (Via Red Cliffs), VIC 3494
The Murray Darling is so named for the two great rivers that run through the region ­ the Murray River and the Darling River. One of the most significant grape growing areas in Australia, the region is over 350km wide (east to west) and is renowned for its production of soft, generously flavoured wines. Consistency, reliability and value for money are hallmarks of wines from the Murray Darling and...