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climate The New England Australia region of NSW, also known as the Northern Slope, is centered around an upland plateau on the Great Diving Range, with cold winters and cool to warm summers favourable for a range or magnificent white and red wines. The region has a diversity of soils and landscapes, and a thriving agriculture community of small towns and villages with a long agricultural tradition with recent innovation into new crops including olives and grapes. The terroir is surprisingly similar to the renowned Burgundy region in France. The New England area, although regarded as a relatively new wine producing area, has a long history and tradition in growing grapes. The earliest settlers and squatters arriving in the area planted vineyards and produced their own. The most famous of these early vineyards was established by George Wyndham the 1850s, which has become the magnificent award winning Wyndham Estate winery. The area has also benefited from the interest in the Hunter Valley Wineries to the north and the Granite Belt wineries to the North in southern Queensland. In the early 1900s following the development of the railway system, about 227,000 litres of wine was produced from about 10 fledgling wineries in this region. The New England area has its own unique features and produces a range or unique wines. The main attributes are the relatively high altitude (with several vineyards above and altitude of 1,000m), cool climate with fours distinct seasons, frosty winters and warm but not hot summers. Most of the rainfalls occurs between late summer and early autumn. Summer days are warm, but rarely reach 30 degrees C, with most summer nights being relatively cool. Late frosts and cold snaps are possible until November, and this presents major problems for grape growers. The soils range from alluvial deposits near Tamworth, the granite based soils around Armidale. Near Inverell the soils are black earth, and near Uralla and Glen Innes the hilltops are generally basalt soils, tending to lighter types on the slopes. Around the Tenterfield the soils are granite abased, combined with extensive sandy loams. The main varieties are: Chardonnay: The New England region offers some very elegant and well balanced Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, however there are no a plethora of varieties being tried including many of the Italian species.

The region is divided into six districts for mapping and listing purposes: The local wine districts are: Tenterfield ; Texas ; Bolivia ; Inverell ; Glen Innes ; Armidale ; Tamworth . For a tour map of the area see: New England Map

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